July 21st, 2020


As Salaam Alaykum Wr  Wbr
Dear brothers & sisters.
(Wednesday  22nd July )
Starts 1st of Zulhajjah,
In Shaa Allah
Eid Ul Adha will be at 31st JULY ( FRIDAY)  In Shaa Allah,
In Shaa Allah,  Eid prayers will be conducted at As-Salaam Masjid. Please note that Eid prayer time will be announced later on.


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Prayer Schedule


March 9, 2021 (Tue)

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Fajr 05:20
Zuhr 12:30
Asr 15:30
Maghrib Soon after Azan
Isha 19:30

Friday Prayer

1st 12:05~12:25
2nd 12:35~12:55